The first Beer Seller home brewers evening

Dave Berry, Head brewer of Cellar Head Brewing Company and previously of Old Dairy and Tonbridge breweries is a customer, supplier, friend and barman at The Halfway House in Brenchley (our sister pub) and also an avid homebrewer. He naturally felt like the right person to head up our very first home brewers evening.

We had 9 people turn up which we were very pleased with and this included a broad spectrum of people. Professional brewers, seasoned home brewers, beginner home brewers and even myself, who has never home brewed but keen to start (and to try beer of course!).

And boy did we try some beer.

From old Fullers recipes to 9% imperial stouts to Brewdog recipes to 14.5% barley wines and many more in-between.

The evening started at 7pm with each person talking about the beers they had brought along. Most people had 2 or more beers. Then onto the tastings, we went round the table trying one beer at a time whilst the individual told you the story behind it, how it came about and the recipe. You wouldn't believe how quickly the time goes, whilst sipping, chatting and laughing and slowly getting drunk! And the quality of beer was very, very high - in fact most of it would have been good enough to sell! A lot of the more seasoned home brewers were delighted to offer out advice and tips.

In what felt like no time at all it was 9.30pm and people headed downstairs to the pub for more drinks or went on their merry way. The next home brewers evening will be on Thursday the 4th July and we hope to see more new faces!

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